How to Care for Linen?

Linen fabric is very versatile. It has great practical properties, looks stylish and best of all, it is easy to care forIf cared for correctly, linen can last decades. If you are not quite sure how to care for your linen, here are a few recommendations.


Linen fabric can be hand or machine washed. For the first wash using a cold wash or 30°C temperature is recommended. For the following washes you can use a temperature of 40°C. Choose soft, neutral detergents. Avoid detergents with bleach. For stubborn stains you can increase the temperature up to 60°C. High temperatures should not be used too often as it can shrink the linen. 

Remember to always wash similar colours together. Do not overload the washing machine. Overloading can result in laundry intertwining and changing their original shape.


It is best to air dry your linen. Give linen a good shake before hanging it to dry. This will minimize the need for ironing. If using a tumble dryer use a very low temperature and take the linen out when it’s still damp to complete drying. Do not overdry linen as it can weaken or shrink the fabric.


It  is easiest to iron linen while it’s still slightly damp. Use medium to high temperatures and iron on the reverse side. For a more rustic, crinkled look you can skip ironing all together.



Our linen is pre-washed. Pre-washed linen is very resistant to shrinkage and generally shrinks just 3-5 percent or less. To avoid shrinkage do not wash or dry linens on a hot setting.