What are the Benefits of Linen?

One of the main advantages of linen as a homeware textile is its durability. Linen is made from the flax plant fibers which are very long and strong. Once the fibers are woven into fabric, the material keeps the fiber’s strength and sturdiness. Compared to cotton, linen is almost three times as strong! Unlike many other textiles, linen textile also strengthens and softens over time. After many washes it will not lose it’s durability but will have a more relaxed look and more gentle, softer feel. Linen fabrics are known to serve a household for many many years.

Linen is also very absorbent. The fibers of the flax plant can absorb lots of moisture. In fact, it can absorb as much as 20% of its dry weight before giving a feeling of being damp or wet. Besides absorbing moisture well, linen is able to release the moisture very fast. Linen dries almost instantly because the fiber itself cannot hold air or heat. Because linen fabric dries out quickly it is perfect for everyday use.

Because linen is made entirely of the flax plant it is therefore organic material. Linen does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. The fabric has a lower thread count and loose weave making it less likely to trap dust and particles. Linen is therefore a perfect material for people with sensitive skin or allergies. While linen may seem stiff at first sight, it actually feels soft and comfortable on your skin.