Why Choose a Linen Tea Towel Over a Cotton Towel? 

Tea towels come in different shapes and sizes. Their functionality however remains the same. Tea towels are used to dry dishes and hands, polish glassware and wipe down surfaces. A great tea towel must therefore be moisture absorbent, nice to touch, lint-free and most of all long-lasting. 

Traditionally, tea towels were made from linen. With the invention of the cotton gin machine, cotton tea towels were manufactured in high quantities and therefore at a cheap price. Despite the growing popularity of cotton, traditional linen homewares have remained in favour for many people around the world.  

So why are linen tea towels preferred over their cotton counterpart?

  • Linen tea towels are better for the environment as linen is made from the flax plant. Unlike cotton, flax needs less water and chemicals to grow and harvest. The flax plant also provides a greater harvest per acre than cotton. When you choose linen tea towels, you are looking after our planet!
  • Linen is more moisture absorbent than cotton. This characteristic is especially handy in the kitchen where water spills are a common occurrence. 
  • Linen will dry much quicker than cotton. Linen is very breathable material and therefore dries very fast. To maintain good hygiene, tea towels should be washed regularly. You can wash your linen tea towels and place them to dry on a line. Your linen will be dry in less than half an hour when in direct sunlight!
  • Linen tea towels are stronger than their cotton counterparts and will not wear and tear easily. Linen tea towels can withstand up to three hundred washes, while cotton tea towels may not even survive fifty. Their high durability allows you to have just a few linen products that can easily be washed every few days.
  • Unlike cotton, linen tea towels are lint-free. Linen does not leave little bits of fluff behind. This means linen tea towels are far superior for drying glassware or polishing cutlery.
  • Linen tea towels arrive pre-washed. Pre-washed tea towels do not require additional care before their first use - just hang them on a hook ready to go!
  • Linen has natural antiseptic properties. Linen tea towels feature filtering properties that work to minimize germs and allergens. Linen products are therefore ideal for anyone who are prone to allergies or has sensitive skin.

It is clear 100% linen tea towels are an all round must-have item in your home. Linen tea towels are not only strong, durable, gentle on the skin and leave no fluff but also enhance the look and feel of your home. Linen tea towels will make your kitchen look stylish even after many uses and frequent washing.

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